once upon a time i wanted to be a princess. then i wanted to be an actress. then i wanted to be a movie director. then an actress again. then it turns out i just wanted to win an oscar in a pretty dress, so honestlyjust wanted to be natalie portman. then i wanted to be a professional dancer. and then, you guessed it, an actress. then when i started college i wanted to become an international lawyer. then a politician. then a diplomat. then a teacher and then a.... nurse? then a politician. again. then after a really cool job organizing events on campus, i realized maybe i wanted to be an event organizer. or a dj. definitely not a dj. then i thought maybe i wanted to be a public relations person or something. then i was like fuck that i wanna start my own publication. then i was like hmm no - so i googled a bit and stumbled on a program that teaches kids about advertising. cool, i love ads. i literally watch ads. so then, i wanted to be a creative in advertising.
 now, i don't want to be anything else. 
name: rachel.
title: art director in training.
born: in ottawa.
raised: in a clothing store.
favourite tv show as a kid: infomercials.
proudest lightbulb moment: making a dress out of a plastic bag when i was four. 
likes: flavoured coffee, early mornings, the window seat, beer pong. 
dislikes: romantic comedies, fancy cheese, looking at my unorganized psd files, beer. 
dream client: chuck e. cheese 
favourite part about adland: i get to walk in new shoes everyday.
2014-18: st.fx university, nova scotia (economics)
2017: whitehair.co, london u.k (pr internship) 
2018-20: miami ad school, toronto (art direction)
fall 2019: saatchi & saatchi, new york city (interning art director) -  worked on tide, olay, pampers, atlantis resort, crest toothpaste, visalign, hair food and norskfire.
winter 2020: AKQA, tokyo (interning art director) - worked on youtube, hyperice, and evian
spring 2020: rethink, toronto (interning art director) 
awards + recognition:
young ones portfolio winner (2020)
webby awards nominee - google gaps (2020)
webby awards nominee - the renew collection (2020)
muse creative awards winner, silver - google gaps (2020)
new york festival winner, bronze - truth translator (2020)
clio award winner, silver - truth translator (2019)
young ones pencil winner, bronze - truth translator (2019)
future lions shortlist - truth translator (2019)
future lions shortlist - pay the price (2019)
applied arts winner - truth translator (2019)
applied arts winner - pay the price (2019)
communication arts shortlist - truth translator (2019)
communication arts shortlist - newsfreed (2019)
communication arts shortlist - google gaps (2019)
summit int'l awards winner, best of show - pay the price (2019)
adcc winner, gold - truth translator (2019)
adcc winner, silver - truth translator (2019)
adcc winner, silver - newsfreed (2019)
adcc winner, bronze - newsfreed (2019)
adcc winner, bronze - pay the price (2019)
live client winner, gold - check your bits (2018)
live client winner, silver - gen 3s (2019)
live client winner, bronze - new year's party (2020)
miami ad school top dog (2019)
press + publication
applied arts annual - pay the price (2019)
applied arts annual - truth translator (2019)
ads of the world - dna whopper (2019)
the message - adcc winners coverage (2019)
advertising south africa - young ones winners coverage (2020)
shoot publicity wire - young ones winners coverage (2020)
little black book - young ones winners coverage (2020)
best media info - young ones winners coverage (2020)
branding in asia - young ones winners coverage (2020)