airbnb lets you have the comfort of a home almost anywhere you travel. 
I love airbnb, so I wrote this manifesto for a class at miami ad school.

You've had a long day, haven't you?
Maybe they crammed you into an airplane seat, 
and fed you cannelloni a la cardboard.
Maybe Siri got it all wrong and sent you down the 405 - not the 404.
 And all you were dying to get was a cheeseburger and a pee break.
Maybe row 34 was a family of four that sounded like a family of eight.
Maybe that was your family.
Well now, you're just broken down. Boiling up.
Flat out fuming from all the uncomfortable, the unpredictable,
the microwaveable.
And all you wanna be, when you're a thousand miles from home, is home. 
Thankfully, you are. 
instructor: ian mackenzie
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