six standard lego bricks can be combined in over 915 million ways, which means that six bricks can replace a lot of single purpose products. And since 80% of our carbon footprint is caused by overconsumption, living off of less could help save the planet. 
So to appeal to a generation of planet savers, we got teens to fight overconsumption by building  products instead of buying them.
d&ad new blood yellow pencil winner, 2020
communication arts winner, 2020
creative conscious finalist, 2020
la réclame - "un kit de 6 briques pour fabriquer tous les accessoires du quotidien." 
212 advertising - "six brick kit"
marketeris "lego six brick kit: viete, že zo 6 kociek lega vyrobíte takmer všetko?" - "Les 10 idées marketing de la semaine"

teammates:  rhea kumar, lavina chandwany
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