Cheetle is the official term for Cheetos dust, which just so happens to make it difficult to unlock your phone while snacking. So what do you do during the Super Bowl when you need to snack and scroll at the same time? You help people get into their phones, even when their fingers are covered knuckle-deep in Cheetle. The best part? All you have to do is tell your phone you're "eating cheetos" - it'll know what to do.
 Global CCO: Aaron Starkman
cco: Mike Dubrick, DANIEL LOBATÓN
AD + CW: Rachel Leblanc, Ryan Cookish
Accounts: EMILY Anzarouth, JESSIE DURANT, Kai de Bruyn Kops
producers: Maggie kelly, Jessica luong
editor: max parr
PR: Sara Lemmermeyer, Meredith Montgomery, Kaitlyn vian

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