There are those who keep their ketchup in the fridge, and there are those who are wrong. But in a world catered to room temperature ketchup lovers, we made sure cold ketchup lovers were heard - and we took inspiration from the industry that does cold the best, beer. 

Cold Ketchup was available exclusively at Wendy's and for the first time ever you could get your ketchup served cold with your takeout order. We also released a limited edition bottle that turned blue when the ketchup was at the optimal coldness for dipping.
CCO: Aaron Starkman
ECD: Mike Dubrick
CD: Frederick Nduna
AD: Hayley Hinkley, Rachel Leblanc, Ryan Cookish
CW: Jacquelyn Parent 
Strategist: Julian Morgan
Account Director: Kai de Bruyn Kops
Account Manager: Emily Anzarouth
Producer: Teresa Bayley

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